If you want a gastronomic, mouth-circus experience, then please run, skip and jump over to The Bazaar by José Andrés at the SLS Beverly Hills Hotel.

The Bazaar SLS_Rojo_Jose Andres

Mixing old-style tapas from his native Spain with new-age molecular gastronomy twists on classics like Philly Cheese Steak will have you intrigued, excited and quivering with anticipation at what pleasure sensation the next dish will bring to your taste buds.

The modern liquid style olives are a treat, the oxtail steamed buns are “moreish,” and the beet salad with Pop Rocks-style garnish literally gives you a mini fireworks display in your mouth.

The Bazaar_Modern and Traditional Olives 4_Jill Paider

The Bazaar_Philly Cheesesteak_Jill Paider

Winning a slew of awards including Best Hotel Restaurant and Restaurant of the Year, The Bazaar is one culinary experience everyone should try at least once – but you will be back for more!

And, leave room for dessert, which will take you on a short walk through the European-inspired indoor piazza to the separate whimsical patisserie area where the mammoth sweets selection gives the perfect ending to a sensational culinary journey.

The Bazaar SLS_Blanca_Jose Andres


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