How can I describe the dining experience at Barton G in West Hollywood other to say it’s a culinary experience that you simply have to partake in yourself in order to fully appreciate the creative wizardry, deliciousness, and whimsical wow factor that the restaurant has to offer?!

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Barton G interior Barton G. LA

The hotspot is the brainchild of event concept designer and restaurateur Barton G. Weiss, a talented culinary visionary who not only designs and creates the menu but also the interior design of the aesthetically pleasing dining space.

Delights on the menu at Barton G. include the moreish lobster pop tart, a flakey phyllo pastry with a gooey Gruyere cheese and Pernod Mornay sauce filling that’s served at the table in a retro-style toaster. The popcorn shrimp cascades out of a popcorn machine. The Rake and Ho Garden Salad is beautifully nestled in a mini wheelbarrow served with gardening tools with a pot of quinoa and packets of seeds to sprinkle over the most delicious pile of greens dressed in champagne vinaigrette.

Barton G. LA

The Lobster Trap mac ‘n cheese is a guest favorite, and if you happen to order the steak – spoiler alert – it will come with a 4-foot- high fork for its dramatic entrance.

Taste is by no means lost among the innovative presentation as everything is just divine. Barton G is fun dining meets fine dining for a fantastical culinary experience like no other. At the heart, it’s just the most delicious comfort food with the most wonderful whimsical twist.

Barton G. LA

Barton G. LA - S'more Pizza

Save room for desert! Three feet of cotton candy swirled around the head of a Marie Antoinette mannequin and a marshmallow pizza delivered in a pizza box are just two more of the menu items that will have you oohing and aahing in delight.

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