Are You Treating Your Body Like a Third Class Citizen?

Ladies, our self-bullying has reached epidemic proportions, and we need to take action now!  Depressingly, more than 80% of American women are unhappy with their appearance, and the average woman has 13 hateful thoughts toward her body each day.

As a holistic health coach, I hear from hundreds of women about their plans to “fix” their unappealing bodies and “gain control” of their appetites and eating habits.  These intentions are spoken in tones of desperation, disgust, and distress.  Common strategies are restrictive dieting, punishing exercise routines, or dubious schemes promising rapid fat loss.

I have been on many dieting roller coasters and I can tell you that that ride never ends well.  Potential outcomes include a wrecked metabolism, hormonal issues, moodiness, and feelings of low self-worth when our body weight rebounds.

I propose a different approach.

To have a better body – one that is healthy, energized and runs like a fine German automobile – we need NOT another diet, but an upgrade plan.

So many of us women treat ourselves and our bodies as third class citizens – settling for fast, cheap, easy and “good enough” or “barely acceptable” when it comes to the quality of our food and dining experiences.

When you give yourself VIP treatment every day – you will feel better and look better, too!  Try this for a month:

Eat First Class Food.  When it comes to your meals and snacks, do you choose fast, cheap and easy?  Do you eat things that aren’t really what you want because you feel like you ought to?  Do you give no care or attention to what you are eating or where it came from – as long as it will silence the hunger pangs without TOO many calories?

Here’s your assignment:  only eat things that are absolutely delicious, make you feel AMAZING, and are of incredible quality.  This includes fresh foods, food grown locally, and the best of the best in its category – whether a cut of meat, a mango, or a cannoli.

Have Five Star Dining Experiences.  Are you guilty of dashboard dining (scarfing down food in the car in between appointments)?  Do you eat off of paper plates or takeout containers?  Do you take your lunch in front of your computer or television?

You might experience a radical change in your health and your weight when you begin to create five star dining experiences each day.  Sit down at the table with no gadgets in sight, light candles at dinner (or breakfast!), drink all your beverages out of a champagne flute.  If pressed for time, try eating outdoors instead of in the car.

Indulge Every Pleasure.  Are your undies full of stains and holes or do you wear silk lingerie underneath your daywear?  When was the last time you enjoyed a bubble bath?  Do you bring flowers, color and fine scents into your home or office environment?  Do you receive hugs or caresses each day?

If your answer to each of these questions is a regrettable, no, then I suspect you are seriously pleasure deprived.  You should up your daily pleasure allowance pronto!  The answer to whether you deserve to be treated this well is ALWAYS “Yes.”  You were born deserving of pleasure.  It is a biological necessity.

Don’t treat your body like a third class citizen!  Fuss over yourself and settle for nothing but the best.   If it feels too indulgent, do it anyway!  I promise you will look and feel happy, relaxed and gorgeous in no time.  No diet necessary.

woman with flowers

4 Secrets of Women Who Glow

Have you ever crossed paths with a woman who exudes confidence, beauty, and joy?  This radiant being doesn’t seem harried, appears to have unlimited energy, and looks absolutely gorgeous with or without makeup.

These gals have an Inner Glow that draws people to them.  We feel uplifted just by being in their presence.

What’s their secret?  Is it possible for us to have Inner Glow, too?

I have had the pleasure of knowing a good number of glowing women, and I have been on a years-long quest to cultivate my inner glow.  I know when I’ve got it, because I bounce out of bed in the morning eager to greet the day, I feel more loving toward myself and others, and I experience boundless energy and creativity.

Inner Glow can be had with practice.  What I’ve learned about the women who have got that extra-special somethin’-somethin’ is that they eat a lot of vegetables, stay away from too much sugar and processed foods, exercise regularly, are avid learners, and engage in some type of contemplative practice.

I have also learned several surprising secrets about how to have that uber-attractive Inner Glow, and I wanted to share a few of them with you. Continue reading