September and October may seem like a downgrade in comparison to the beautiful months of July and August and the accompanied Hampton’s Issue of Bella magazine, but fear not readers, we have some exciting things in store coming your way.

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Once again, I was able to get a glimpse of what our next Issue will hold from the Up Close and Personal to the Around Town sections. From micro and up close to macro and all around – These sections provided me with some adequate insight on the September/October issue. For those of you reading about the journey of this newly enlightened intern, I would like to provide you with some more acute insight into the depth of this issue.

Lets talk about Around Town. This section of our magazine delves into some private events with some public celebrity figures. Such events include Charity Bowls, Galas, and private tours. Dan and Courtenay Hall, Publisher and Editor-In-Chief of Bella Magazine, are some of the honored guests at these fine functions. This week I got the chance to read about and get a first hand look at pictures from the events to be featured in our September/October issue. A big opportunity and an even bigger responsibility found its way on my quaint little intern desk. I was satisfied with my task of reading over the articles from several magazine sections, verifying their perfection – wildly enough the task of checking over content become a task to create the content itself. Although the pictures are satisfactory enough for readers of our Around Town section, supposedly a write up deems to be a necessary accompaniment. After looking into these past events which include Broadway Shines on Harbor Lights, Roslyn Landmark Society’s Annual Fundraiser at The Studio of Gertrude Vanderbilt Whitney, and the Gianna Nicole’s Heart of Hope Foundation Gala, I was able to write up the event “blurbs” to appear in next months issue myself.

When you think about the breakdown of all this elite event insight, it is pretty awesome realizing the access you, as our readers, are able to get to such private events. I feel a bit of second-hand exclusiveness as I encounter Courtenay and Dan’s personal invite to Mrs. Gertrude Vanderbilt Whitney’s home featuring “Mrs. Whitney’s personal art collection, photos and stunning interior murals by Cushing and Chandler in addition to the wonderful formal garden.” That sounds like an ideal experience I felt honored to write about it. Do not fret readers, the same exclusive feeling I get from reading and writing about such events is one I hope transcends this computer screen and befalls your soul. But seriously, here me out on this successive chain of access. Our Editor-In-Chief and Publisher attend spectacular elite events not covered by other magazines, than I get to first-hand write about it, and you folk get to first-hand read about it – thus making you almost as elite as those of us who had to put on a fancy dress to attend the event in the first place. Thus you have attended the event in its tertiary stage.

The excitement for our September/October issue is nearing, and I have felt an even greater sense of input into this issues making. I thank Bella for this rad opportunity and the chance to add my personal insight and touch to the Bella website, blog, and the issue itself.

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