Have you been spending more time sipping rosé than at the gym this summer? Rachel Nicks, who is a Nike and BFX Studio trainer AND in the running for Women’s Health Magazine’s #NextFitnessStar title, is here to the rescue. Rachel came up with some excellent strategies to shut down workout excuses and turn up your summer fitness.

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My Hair + The Heat + Working Out = Not A Cute Look

When it comes to her tresses, Rachel Nicks believes that “bigger hair is better” and recommends a high pony tail or a messy bun. Her favorite products to manage summer frizz or curls are: Hair Rules Curly Whip and Curls Blueberry Bliss Control Jelly.


It’s Way Too Hot Out There

Nicks stands by the classic advice of staying hydrated before, after and during your outdoor workout. Also, she suggests working out with a partner because it makes it more fun and distracts you from the heat and humidity. Additionally, she suggests going to a playground  doing pull-ups,  swinging on the monkey bars, or even sprinting on a field. She explains: “It will bring back fun childhood memories and allow you to let go of stress and PLAY…instead of feeling like you are WORKING out”.


A/C + Me = Inseparable Workout Team

If you want to stay inside, Nicks is a big fan of either Barre or TRX: “I feel both workouts really target specific muscle groups”. She explains that TRX by far gives her the best core workout and she is a big fan of using the equipment for bicep curls. Barre is great for the legs and the booty. If you combine TRX and barre into your workout regime, Nicks believes that “you will be all set for the beach with toned legs, booty, core, and arms”.


I’m On A Beach Vacay & There’s No Gym

Hit the beach! Yoga on the beach is one of Rachel Nicks’s favorite workouts. If you are on vacation with a significant other or friend, she suggests partner yoga which also can make for some great photos to post on Instagram. Additionally, she believes that: “you can never beat a good jog on the beach”. The sand provides a great challenge to our core strength and  balance.

I’m Rocking A Baby Bump (or Just Had My Baby!)

Nicks suggests that if you are an expecting mom that you should always stay hydrated and work out outdoors early in the morning or later in the evening to avoid overheating. She is a huge believer in prenatal yoga as it helps you cope with discomfort through pregnancy and labor. It also provides mommys-to-be with a community.

For new mothers, she suggests “mommy and me” classes that also provide that same sense of community: “It is important for new moms to get out of the house and socialize as well as begin a workout routine”. Nicks emphasizes that new moms should remember to take their time and be patient. You should remember that even after six weeks, you are not healed completely and need to continue with kegels to rebuild.

Still Not Inspired?

Rachel Nicks posts fun workouts on all of her social media channels frequently. Follow her on YouTube, Instagram, and her website.

You can also take one of Rachel Nicks’s classes at the BFX Studio or one of Nike’s classes outdoors, at NikeTown, or at their exclusive 45 Grand space.

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