December is when everyone is looking to stay in shape while also locking down a partner for the chilly winter months ahead. Dating sites see the most traffic this time of year for a reason! So there could not be a better time for the launch of SWEATT, a new dating app specifically created for single, fitness lovers.

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Created by Dan Ilani, SWEATT launches in Apple’s App store this month and was designed to match users’ lifestyle, fitness, and wellness preferences. Ilani noticed that despite all the dating apps saturating the market, there was not one platform to match up singles involved in the ever growing fitness space.

If you are a gluten-free, Paleo purist who enjoys daily spin and bootcamp classes, you can find a like minded fitness match on the app. Also, you can upload full screen photos to flaunt your best assets (and check out the other users) and unlike Tinder you can view more detailed information and multiple photos of your potential matches.

Scenes from the SWEATT Launch Party at Barry’s Bootcamp Noho on Thursday, December 3rd. Pictured from left to right: Aly Teich (The Sweat Life), Kira Stokes (Celebrity Trainer, BFX Studio), Noah Neiman (Celebrity Trainer, Star of BRAVO’s Work Out), Dan Ilani (Founder of SWEATT), and Amy Freeze (ABC 7 Metereologist). In the back is Anthony Halwagy (The Elvis Duran Show) .


1. What inspired you to create the SWEATT app?
I created SWEATT after realizing that it takes the same qualities to build a great relationship as it does to lead an active lifestyle. Commitment, dedication, and the motivation to work hard to achieve your goals. There are a ton of dating apps out there that put precedence on the quantity
rather than quality of matches. Instead of making life easier, they often feel like they create more disappointment. SWEATT solves that problem by bringing together a community of like-minded people.

2. Do you think that a couple that sweats together stays together or do you think it’s possible for only one partner to be a fitness junkie?
I totally believe that a couple that sweats together says together! It’s really supportive when you and your partner can motivate each other to achieve your fitness goals. That support then transfers into other areas of the relationship. It’s really not just about working out, when a couple
shares fitness as a passion, they also share the qualities that make for a really compatible relationship and lifestyle together.

3. Why do you think it’s hard for people to meet in person and ask each other out in a class or at a studio?
When you’re in a gym or a fitness studio, generally you’re not in the mindset that you’re there to meet someone, you’re there to work! You do hear amazing success stories of people meeting at the gym and they inspire us, but the odds are not in your favor. It’s a very small sample of people
in a class or studio and the ratio of men to women isn’t always great. Also, a lot of people get nervous or uncomfortable asking someone out at the gym because they’re there so regularly, they know they’re likely to see that person again, making it awkward if it doesn’t work out or if they
get turned down.

4. Which fitness preferences do you think are the best matches. Do you think a hard core yogi can be a match for a cross fit fanatic?
A yogi can definitely date a CrossFit fanatic, but it’s going to be harder for someone who works out at the crack of dawn every day to date someone who works out late at night. Beyond the actual activity, it’s about the mindset, lifestyle and daily routine.

5. Is SWEATT planning any in person mixers in the future?
There are certainly some events being planned for 2016. Make sure you’re following SWEATT on social media to stay updated! @sweattapp

So if you want to find love while still keeping your bikini bod on point all winter long, go and upload SWEATT on your phone!

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