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An Elegant Touch: The Countess Returns

| January 7, 2015 | Reply

Countess Luann

The Countess Returns to the Limelight and “The Real Housewives of New York” with a Stunning New Fashion Collection

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Countess, socialite, reality TV personality and designer Luann de Lesseps returns to “The Real Housewives of New York” as her fashion line returns with a Fall/Winter collection. Since first appearing on the hit Bravo reality show, she has authored an acclaimed book, released a music album, created a beautiful fashion line, and most impressively, raised two children amidst the swirling bustle of activity within the metropolitan scene.

Countess Luann sat down with BELLA with the elegance and grace for which she’s made herself known and shared thoughts about her stylish new line, winter must-haves and practical advice and inspiration on life and living.

Your time away from “The Real Housewives of New York” has certainly been productive.  What are some of the inspirations behind the looks in your new clothing line, Countess Collection?
I’m very proud of my Countess Luann Collection for fall. All of my pieces are made right here in NYC. My inspiration is “chic made easy.” I want to take the stress out of dressing for women, so I’ve designed pieces that are transitional, that go from day to night and are also perfect for travel. The silhouettes are classic with a modern twist. With this collection you’ll know you are dressed right no matter what the occasion! 

What is the best way to showcase chic with relative ease this coming winter?

One of my pieces is a double knit cape that works with the entire collection. Capes, in my opinion, are one of the chicest elements for fall. 

How should a modern New York metropolitan woman prepare herself to easily transition from day to night?

One of the best ways to transition from day to night is to keep it classic and carry your accessories to dress up your look for the evening. I love big chunky statement necklaces and cocktail rings.

What is one winter must-have that you can’t be without?

A great pair of boots is my “go to” when it’s cold outside. They are sexy and practical for the weather. Also, I love big belts to trend up your look with a coat or dress. 

Set to make what some would call a triumphant return to “The Real Housewives of New York,” can we expect some drama when you appear, or will you be handling things differently with your cast mates?

When you’re dealing with so many women with such different personalities, inevitably there is drama! That’s what makes the show work. They cast it well. In my six years on the show I’ve managed to never raise my voice to get my point across, and I will continue being true to myself.

Do you think that finding an appropriate balance between the show and your projects will be difficult, and what strategies can you share with the modern woman to find balance in their life?

Having grown up with a large family in Connecticut, I learned early on how to balance family, commitments and the show. It takes a lot of organization, prioritization and yoga! My family has always come first, followed by the show!

BELLA spotted you at New York Fashion Week with your daughter. You both looked absolutely gorgeous. Tell us more about your relationship. 

I’m a lucky mother of two and I’m very proud of their accomplishments. Victoria loves fashion but is not a fashionista. She has great instinct and her own great style. Victoria is in her second year of college and I’m very excited to watch her grow into her own independent woman.

What advice do you have for women attempting to make their way and create a spot for themselves in NYC’s competitive, fast-paced environment?

Be fearless, take chances and keep yourself interesting. Being interested is what makes you interesting. Make sure when you leave your house, you’re looking great and feeling confident because you never know who you might meet. If you don’t think you’re great, nobody else will! 

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