Achieving the Never-Ending Summer Glow: The Beauty Experts at South Florida’s Olivier Salon Tell Us How

Olivier Salon is a brand new full service spa and salon that is bringing the five star luxury of Fifth Avenue and Rodeo Drive to Fort Lauderdale’s River Center. The creation of Stephane ‘Olivier’ Manoury, a celebrity stylist renowned for his work with Sting, Edward Kennedy, and Sigourney Weaver, and  Corrine Kelley, a lifelong resident of Fort Lauderdale and expert in lash application, Olivier Salon strives to enhance a woman’s  outer beauty and inner self confidence.

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With winter’s end right around the corner (woohoo!), its time we prepare for spring and summer.  We asked the beauty duo for their tips and tricks on how to get that healthy summer-y glow all year round.

Best trick to get that wavy south Florida beach hair look?

Olivier says:  Take random three-inch sections and twirl one section away from your face, then twirl the next section towards your face, alternating directions as you move around your head. Hold the hair against the iron for no more than six-seconds, then let it drop, pulling out the ends to loosen the curl into a wave.

Best tip to make eyes pop the spring?

Corrine says:  Bangs enhance the eyes!  Also, darkening your hair color will make eyes pop.

Best trick to achieve luscious lashes quickly?

Corrine says:  Play up your eyes with liner, great mascara and false lashes. First, line the inside of your waterline. Use a white liner to make the eyes appear bigger and a black liner to make the eyes appear smaller. Apply mascara at the base of your lash line and wiggle your way to the tip so the excess mascara lands at the top of your natural lashes. Then use the lash curler to achieve the perfect bend of the natural lash. Apply lashes. And finally apply another layer of your mascara to the false lashes.

Best tip to get fuller brows?

Corrine says: Fill brows in with powder or pencil. Using an angled brush, apply the shadow on and right around your brows, without straying too far from your natural hair line.

Best trick to get rid of crows feet? 

Olivier says: Consider a chemical peel.  An ultra resurfacing blend of Glycolic Acid and retinol will visibly reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Best trick to get rid of dark circles? 

Olivier says: Again, chemical peel!  Lactic acid blended with Kojic acid and a cocktail of brightening agents will reduce all forms of pigmentation.

Best tips to supersize hair for the perfect sunny selfie? 

Olivier says: Use Leonor Greyl volumizing mousse. Apply at the base of your scalp. Start from the root and blow dry your hair, directing upwards.

Best tricks for disguising thinning hair? 

Olivier says: Highlighting hair will create dimensions, leaving a fuller, natural look.

Best tip to make thin lips look fuller? 

Corrine says: Find a lip liner that matches your natural color or in a shade slightly deeper, line your mouth, extending the shape just outside your natural lip line. Then fill in your lips with the same liner. For the most natural look possible, work with a creamy, soft tip pencil.

Best trick for a slimmer looking face? 

Corrine says: Contour your makeup. Use a pressed matte powder that’s one shade darker than your skin. Lightly shade the jawbone, sides of the nose and temples with only a hint of product. It should be barely noticeable. To get the right amount of shading, avoid unnatural lighting when you apply it.

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By Lexie Santorelli

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