Bella Girls’ gotta eat fast, but there is no need to be furious at the lack of time. There are options: even for those who work in corporate, manage households and intern. The common thread, is that we are all starved for time: but that doesn’t mean we should be starving! It also doesn’t mean we have to settle for a hot dog, gyro or other greasy food truck item, with no place to sit.  Or even worse… eat that childhood greasy burger from the nearest fast food place.  Too often we find ourselves in the middle of the day, debating if we have time to eat. Should we take a lunch break? Or just eat the leftover muffins from the morning meeting? We rarely have time to make a home cooked meal for dinner, so never mind bringing one for lunch.

But, what if there were some healthier options? Possibly allow you to stay at the office? And if you can escape the office… an option that far surpasses greasy fast food or the never ending line at the salad bar. As a single mom of three living and working in the city, I understand this daily time crunch. As a Bella girl I want something more than an ordinary salad with a packet of croutons and processed dressing. I want good food and I want it now! This is something I am sure every Bella Girl can appreciate. Here are the top three culinary solutions for the time starved Bella…

 Bella Girls’ Gotta Eat Something Homemade and Fast…

Bella Girls' Gotta Eat- Eat Tribal (Grilled Chicken and Spinach Salad)

Eat Tribal

Working for a green friendly business? Or just love to save the environment? Eat Tribal is your Bella Girl’s go to choice for fast, green, Paleo and homemade. All meals are wholesome, chef prepared and delivered by bicycle! All dishes are free of gluten, grain, dairy and soy. Orders can be delivered at home or office. So, whether you are hosting: a mom’s lunch, study group or an office meeting… you will certainly be well received and fed.

Because all dishes are made fresh and with natural ingredients, customers need to place orders the week before. But it is definitely worth the time it saves in cooking.


 Bella Girls’ Gotta Eat Something Super Food and Fast…

Bella Girls' Gotta Eat Terri's Avocado Hummus Wrap

Terri’s NYC

This is a well frequented vegetarian hotspot! Terri’s offers everything from wraps, sandwiches, juices, and snacks. Terri’s provides super foods fast: while keeping everything 100% kosher and vegan. Gotta sweet tooth? Then their Chocolate Cupcakes is a Bella Girl’s must… taste like grandma made them, but with less fat. They also source organic and local ingredients.

Another time saving menu option, are the daily juice cleanses. You can order them two days in advance, for a duration of one to six days. No matter the cleanse system you order, they can be delivered: or you can pick them up at either the Chelsea or Financial District location. Being healthy and detoxing from greasy foods just got easy. And so did fitting into that bikini!


Bella Girls’ Gotta Eat Something Different and Fast…

Bella Girls' Gotta Eat Indikitch Chicken Tikka


Okay, so you can actually take a lunch break outside the office, and you want to add variety to your daily routine. Well, look no further than Indikitch! They offer Indian Cuisine of New Delhi, with quick fire dishes made to order right before your eyes. Create your own meal in three easy steps: choose your side, your meat and how spicy you want it. Spicy foods are known to increase your metabolism…so the option to increase the heat with additional chiles is an amazing perk for the health conscious eater.

Indikitch has several drinks to select from, but I love cooling the palette with their Blood Orange Lemonade. It is perfect this time of year. Currently, there is only one location in Flat Iron…but the owners have plans to expand all over Manhattan, and already have two other locations in the works.


Find another great fast feast? Tweet @BostonScarlette to share. You can find complete menus for our top three fast feasts at Eat Tribal , Terri’s and Indikitch.

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