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A GiftHer and a BlogHer

| July 27, 2015 | Reply

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Phew, what a week it’s been.

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BELLA‘s features director, Dana Priggé, and I attended a holiday preview last week. It was hosted by Now + Zen, a boutique public relations firm. I’m sure I can speak for the both of us and say that we had a great time. The preview was an ultimate gift guide for the upcoming holiday season. The gifts ranged from baby clothing, to dog accessories, to home decor, and to his and her personalized items. Not only did I receive complementary dog collars for my two favorite Shih Tzu’s, but I also got straws by Tfees Straw! These aren’t your ordinary straws; they don’t melt, the plastic is safe to have in your mouth, and they tilt at a specific angle so liquids don’t hit the surface of your teeth. They came in a pack of three with various lengths. This is perfect because now I can protect my teeth from my morning coffee, afternoon tea, and evening reward.

This past Saturday I attended the annual BlogHer event in Midtown. The event was filled with female bloggers ready to network, and female entrepreneurs ready to be the change they wanted to see in their worlds. I was introduced to a lot of different companies and even saw Christy Turlington Burns and Ava DuVernay speak. It was definitely a memorable event and I probably would not have had such an amazing experience had it not been for BELLA.

BELLA has given me so many networking opportunities. I think the next big event I’ll be attending will be the annual Hamptons party, which is just around the corner! When I’m not connecting with people, I’m doing work for the event. The gift bags items look fantastic, I have my white outfit ready, and I can’t wait to see the BELLA team’s hard work pay off for this day.

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Hello BELLA readers! I’m Ranjana, a native New Yorker and one of BELLA's new summer interns. I’m nineteen-years-old and I currently study Advertising/PR at the University of Tampa. Interning at BELLA means I get to help out with photo shoots, attend events, promote the magazine and much more; it’s really cool to see what it’s like to be behind the scenes of a successful and growing magazine.

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