7 Small Changes To Speed Up Your Beauty Routine


Making the best of the time we have for our beauty routine is important. With all the tips and tricks out there we could easily spend hours every morning getting ready and using all the different products under the sun. But that is just not practical. Luckily this blog post is designed to help you get your beauty routine to be both on point and time efficient.

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Use A Primer

If you are not already using a primer before you apply the rest of your makeup, this is definitely a quick change that you should put in place this week.

Depending on the product that you use, primers can serve several purposes. The first is that even out your skin tone. That means if you have uneven areas using a good quality primer will help to disguise that.

Secondly, primers are good for giving you a great base on which to apply the rest of your face. Think of them as an undercoat. Then when you put the rest of your makeup on it has something on top of the natural oil of your skin to adhere to.

An additional use for primer is to create an effect with makeup that deals with a specific problem on the skin. For example, if your skin is dull, then use an illuminating primer. This will add light reflecting particles to your makeup, that will give you a much more radiant glow.

Using the right primer will save you time in the long run because you will not have to apply as many products on top for a good finish. It will also help your face last longer, so you don’t have to keep reapplying it during the day.

Find The Right Concealer Color

While you might think that concealer is just for covering up the odd spot, it can be a lot more useful than that. That is why you need to work it into your daily routine.

Concealer does exactly what it says on the tin. It conceals, But what does it conceal? We’ll it can hide everything from redness in the cheeks to dark circles under the eyes.

Remember concealer doesn’t just come in flesh tones, it is also available in a range of colors such as purple, green and yellow.

It’s all based on the science of the color wheel if you are interested in the technicalities. It works like this, if you have an issue with a particular color of mark on your face, you pick a concealer that is opposite it on the color wheel. The idea being that it will cancel that color out.

So if you have purple veins or dark circles, then pick a yellow toned concealer. If you are struggling with red blotches or Rosacea, then green works best.


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You can buy concealers in cream and powder, but cream variety is more prevalent. Remember when you are using this to apply it a little at a time, and work into the skin with your finger.

You can always add more if you don’t have the desired effect. But you will have to start the whole process again if you put too much on and have to take it off, which will cost you valuable time.





Are you a full coverage sort of girl or more of a BB cream lover? Whichever type is your favorite, most of us wouldn’t be seen dead outside the house without at least something on our face. But rushing the application of your foundation in the morning can make it look streaky or clumpy.

Luckily there are plenty of devices out there to help you get the perfect airbrush application look quickly.

You could try a beauty blender. In case you have been living under a rock for the last three years, beauty blends are egg-like shaped sponges. They were popularized by Kim Kardashian over social media. The idea behind them is that they give a soft blended look to your foundation  and highlights.

To use them correctly you are meant to wet them a little and then gently roll them back and forth across your face. Don’t drag your makeup around your face with the sponge. You will be left with streaks that you have to wash off and then you will have to begin the whole process again.

If you want to quickly and easily up your foundation game this week, but the beauty blender doesn’t appeal to you, then you can try a makeup brush instead.

Using a circular motion, you buff the foundation into your face with the brush. This has the added advantage of being quick, clean and easy while giving you that airbrushed finish.

Visit www.BeautyProductWarnings.com/ and other review beauty review sites to get some advice on brushes.


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Streamline Your Contours

Of course, no self-respecting fashionista would be without there contouring these days. Designed to make the best of your face shape and features, contouring is a way of painting the face.

Contours are usually a shade or two darker than your skin tone. The are applied over areas that you wish to draw attention away from. For example a larger forehead or long chin.

The additional part to contouring is what is known as a highlight. A highlight is an opposite to a contour, in that it is designed to draw attention to specific parts of your features and face. For example, by adding a thin highlight down the nose, you can make it seem smaller and slimmer.

Contouring and highlighting have become massive hits. There are plenty of excellent tutorials on how to achieve the right look for your face shape across social media. Visit www.Youtube.com for a good selection. But the key issue with this process is that it can be quite lengthy.

But is is possible to streamline the activity to ensure you can fit it into your morning routine. The best way to do this is to eschew the powder and liquids and go for a cream stick. Contour and highlight sticks can be applied directly to the face in one sweep. Then all you need to do is blend and go.  

Invest In An Eyeliner Template

Ok so everyone is rocking the dark black eyeliner this season. But do you seriously have the time to apply this every morning? Getting the perfect cats eye is notoriously difficult. It can easily result in a lot of applications, removals and reapplications. Which is going to add to your getting ready time in the morning.


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To save time in the morning, it’s best to keep your makeup routine as simple as possible. One way to do this is to invest in an eyeliner template. These are pieces of flexible plastic that you can rest over your eyes when applying liner. Using them will make sure that you get the right shaped flick first time, shaving precious minutes off your morning routine.

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