5 Ways to Blend Celeb Looks With Your Personal Style

Personal style is often influenced and inspired by others. Many times the influencer is a high-profile celebrity. 

Today there are countless ways for celebrities to share their fashion sense with their fans. Keeping up with celebrity fashion is a mix of following social media accounts, keeping up with entertainment industry news and using apps that can help you hunt down what a celeb is wearing. 

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Technology and the 24/7 news cycle makes it easier than ever to see every outfit a celebrity wears, but do you really want to replicate their style exactly? Probably not. But there are ways you can incorporate celeb looks into your own personal style.

Create a Celeb-Inspired Engagement Ring Design

No accessory is as important as an engagement that a woman will wear forever. Celebs are notorious for flashing their engagement rings for all to see. Needless to say, it leads to a lot of ring envy.

The jewelers at Diamonds Forever create custom diamond engagement rings San Diego shoppers love. They say it’s quite common for clients to reference a celebrity’s ring when they are crafting their own custom design. Sometimes the client wants a near exact replica and other times they simply use it as a starting point.

With something like an engagement ring, it’s worth investing a little more to get exactly what you want. If that means borrowing design elements from a celeb’s baubles, so be it. 

Rock a Trendy Hairstyle

Does your favorite celeb have enviable hair? For some celebrities, their hair defines their style. Kate Middleton is the perfect example. She makes waves around the world anytime she so much as gets a trim. 

The great thing about hairstyles is they can be changed in an instant. Style it in a different way, add accessories or wear a hat and it can look totally different. It’s also virtually impossible to replicate a celebrity hairstyle exactly since we all have unique locks. As long as you have the same hair texture, a trendy hairstyle is an easy way to look like a celebrity without twinning.

Wear the Outfit Differently

These days the many of the most fashion-forward celebrities have their own clothing lines. This makes it easy to find and buy the clothing they wear. Even when they don’t own the brand, celebs often tag the designers so that others know where the clothing came from. 

It’s very tempting to wear the exact same outfit when a celebrity makes it look so good and the outfit is readily available. But resist the urge or you risk looking like a copycat. You can still strut your stuff in the look, as long as you mix it up a bit.

There are countless ways to reconfigure an outfit. Throw on a jacket or glam it up with oversized jewelry. Roll cuffs, unbutton buttons and go a size up for a looser fit. Give it your own twist, and the outfit will look just as good as the original. 

Add a Standout Accessory

One of the quickest ways to personalize an outfit is to add accessories. But if you’re trying to make a celeb outfit you own you’ve got to go big. A standout accessory can become the focal point that draws attention to your personal style rather than the outfit you’re replicating. 

Wear It in a Different Color

It’s amazing how simply changing the color can make an outfit look completely different. And what looks great on your favorite fashionista may not have the same effect on others. In fact, a celebrity’s clothing could look better on you if it’s in hues that compliment your coloration. Yellow is a great example. It can look fabulous on some skin tones and completely clash with others.

When you’re choosing colors consider the fabric’s finish, your skin color, your hair color and your eye color. All of these things play off of one another. When the colors work well together it’s very pleasing to the eye. 

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