By Cassandra Bodzak

I don’t believe losing weight and getting healthy should be a painful exercise of self restraint. I like to give my clients a few small concepts to experiment with each week so that they can keep what makes sense, ditch what doesn’t work for them and slowly transition to a healthier, nutrient rich diet without even realizing it! Here are 5 small things you can incorporate into your normal life and get massive results if you really stick to them. Try two, maybe three of these out at a time so that you don’t overload yourself and then add the rest on in a couple weeks once you’ve got the first couple down pat.



I know, I know, your mother tells you this all the time. Well, she’s right! And yet, I’m sure that you STILL could stand to start drinking more. Hydrating yourself will not only make your skin look amazing, flush out any toxins in your system but it will help you not confuse thirst for hunger and over eat. Try drinking one glass of water before each meal and at least one, if not more, in between meals and you’ll notice a change for sure.



I love having a green juice for breakfast, it just starts my day in the right direction and provides me with tons of good for you energy. Check out my recipe from Juicespiration and make it at home or grab one at a juice bar in your neighborhood. This is a great way to give yourself an energy boost that will feel good and give you lots of nutrients. Ideally, try to incorporate 3-4 green juices a week for breakfast or an afternoon pick me up. You’ll feel great and your body will thank you!



Find something active that you ENJOY doing. Doesn’t matter if it’s dancing around your apartment in your underwear or going to cross fit classes, pick something that makes you smile and feel great and then pledge to do that EVERYDAY even if only for 30 minutes. Why everyday? Well chances are something will come up one or two days and you won’t be able to fit it in but at least you’ll still get 5 days or so of activity, chances are if you aim for less you will actually follow through even less!



I love encouraging the people I work with to try out more veggies! When I was starting out on the road to health and happiness the best thing I ever did for myself was learn how to cook veggies. Challenge yourself to eat at least 3 different veggies a day, bonus points if you cook or prepare them at home. And if you’re working with me, I’ll even come over and show you how!



This may be the easiest and most effective thing on this list, if you actually put it into practice! Take a couple minutes each day (maybe even in the shower or on your commute to work) and close your eyes. Visualize your ideal you. The you that’s at your happiest, has a great body and feels amazing in your skin. Then take it one step further and think about what the ‘you’ eats, how they move and interact with people during the day. Soak those feelings up and really relish how wonderful it feels. Now just go about your day as you normally would and you will naturally make healthier choices because your subconsciously more aware of where you want to be and what choices you need to make to get there.

If you really want start seeing results, feel better and make a commitment to new you, a happier, healthier, more vibrant you, then seek out support. Right now I’m offering a special 2014 Jumpstart to a New You intensive where I sit down with clients for two hours and we create a customized game plan for helping them achieve their personal  wellness goals for the year. I also offer FREE thirty minute consultations to discuss your health history and discuss how I could support you in your journey to optimum health and well being. Be sure to check out my website gosweetandskinny.com for more information.




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