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4 Secrets of Women Who Glow

| March 28, 2013 | Reply

Have you ever crossed paths with a woman who exudes confidence, beauty, and joy?  This radiant being doesn’t seem harried, appears to have unlimited energy, and looks absolutely gorgeous with or without makeup.

These gals have an Inner Glow that draws people to them.  We feel uplifted just by being in their presence.

What’s their secret?  Is it possible for us to have Inner Glow, too?

I have had the pleasure of knowing a good number of glowing women, and I have been on a years-long quest to cultivate my inner glow.  I know when I’ve got it, because I bounce out of bed in the morning eager to greet the day, I feel more loving toward myself and others, and I experience boundless energy and creativity.

Inner Glow can be had with practice.  What I’ve learned about the women who have got that extra-special somethin’-somethin’ is that they eat a lot of vegetables, stay away from too much sugar and processed foods, exercise regularly, are avid learners, and engage in some type of contemplative practice.

I have also learned several surprising secrets about how to have that uber-attractive Inner Glow, and I wanted to share a few of them with you.

  1. Glowing Women Don’t Deprive Themselves.  This was an eye-opener for me!  Women who glow indulge their pleasure, whether it is at the dining table, the spa or the bedroom.  They embrace their appetites and desires and don’t harbor an ounce of guilt!
  2. Glowing Women Don’t Hold a Grudge.  Another big a-ha!  Women who are happy and attractive know that staying bitter can make us sick and tired.  It also accelerates aging – yikes!  Forgiveness is a gift they give to themselves.
  3. Glowing Women Avoid Toxins.  Whether it is eating organic food, using botanical remedies, or sticking to all natural beauty care products, these ladies know that too many chemicals snuff out our spark.  The more we can avoid them, the greater vitality we experience on the cellular level.
  4. Glowing Women Take Time to Re-Charge.  These special ladies are generous and giving.  They step in when help is needed and they embrace their roles as nurturers.  However, they also recognize the need to re-charge their batteries daily.  Whether it is some alone time, an afternoon nap, or a creative pursuit, they fill back up so they have more to give freely.

If you want to practice and learn more about Inner Glow, consider signing up for a weekend intensive:  You Glow Girl! De-Stress, Detox & Restore Down the Shore to take place on May 18 and May 19 in Wall, New Jersey.

Green juices, restorative yoga, live music, crystal bowl meditation, massage, gourmet organic food, Inner Glow workshops, and…hula hooping!  Need I say more?  Oh, of course – we’ll be giving away amazing door prizes all weekend, including energy gemstones, juice cleanses, natural body care products, meditation CDs, goodies from lululemon athletica, and lots more.

Restore yourself and help Restore the Shore, too!  Net proceeds from You Glow Girl! will support the Hurricane Sandy New Jersey Relief Fund.

For more information and to register, click here.

Are you one of those ladies who shines from the inside out?  Share some of your secrets with Bella readers below!

~Elaine Morales

Elaine Morales, Health and Lifestyle Transformation Coach, helps frazzled and frustrated women gain freedom from food drama, ditch yo-yo dieting and emotional overeating, and achieve their ideal weight in a way that is healthy and joyful. To learn more about Elaine’s pleasurable approach to realizing the body and life of your dreams, check

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