Current (Beauty) Obsession: Caldrea’s Juniper Laurel Mint

When I fall in love with a fragrance, I fall hard.  I have been carrying this hand lotion around with me for a while and every time I put it on, someone, somewhere says, “what is that amazing smell?”

The Caldrea Company, purveyor of Aromatherapeutic homekeeping products that are kind to the earth and delightful to the senses, released its 2013 line of Holiday fragrances, at that amazing smell is their Juniper Laurel Mint scent. It’s bright and crisp and  completely cheery. This celebration of all things merry sets things off with juniper and eucalyptus, Siberian Fir and pine.

Far from a simple evergreen, it gets sparkle from fresh mint and juicy berries, with a balance of musk and golden cypress. The Juniper Laurel Mint Hand Lotion ($10.50) is soft and smooth—made with Shea Butter, Aloe Vera and Glycerin plus the company’s  seducing essential oil blends. This light formula is ideal for frequent application throughout the day and it’s totally addicting!


Janene Mascarella is the beauty editor of BELLA NYC Magazine. Follow Janene on Twitter!

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