One Product: Five Uses. Do You Have This in Your Makeup Bag?

Whether you are a minimalist who wants to own as few cosmetics as possible, or a product junkie who has eight or more of the same color lipstick, this product is for you! I am sure that my minimalists will not deny their love for something that serves a multitude of purposes. And to my fellow product junkies, this product will be a savior in times when you need to pull yourself together in a pinch.

So what is this must-have product? Pigmented, matte, brown eye shadow. Take a look at five different hats it can wear!

Eye Shadow: Apply to the lid with a tightly packed brush to strategically lay down the color. Then, use a fluffy shadow brush to slowly blend upwards towards the crease, steering clear of the brow bone. The goal is to create a gradient effect that is darkest at the lash line and gradually becoming lighter towards the crease.

Eye liner: Wet the shadow and apply with an eyeliner brush in between the lashes. The water will cause its consistency to change, offering an even deeper pigment that is long wear yet less harsh than an eyeliner pencil, gel or liquid.

Eye Contour: For a natural daytime look, use the brown shadow only in the crease of the eye to give definition without being overdone. Apply it with a fluffy shadow brush (as seen in Eye Shadow) using a windshield-wiper motion to seamlessly blend the color.

Eyebrow Filler: A matte, brown eye shadow works great to hide bald spots in the brows. Use short, wispy strokes to mimic the look of a natural brow hair.

Cheek Contour: Swirl the tip of a blush brush into the brown shadow, tap off any excess, and brush into the hollows of the cheeks, directly under the cheek bones. Start at the middle of the ear and draw an imaginary line towards the corner of the mouth. Continue to buff the shadow in further, without extending the pigment past the iris of the eye.

Rachel Paul is a New York based makeup artist, encouraging and training women to be their most beautiful self. Follow @rosecolored_glasses on Instagram.

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