Look HOT in the COLD: 4 Tips to Rock Fall Style Right Now!

{What to wear…what to wear?}
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Being from the Caribbean…Fall/Winter have had a very harsh effect on my excitement about the fashion. I mean, I LOVE Fashion, but the weather? Not so much (if I could live in a ditch, and still get internet…I would until Spring).
Here are 4 things I have picked up while living in the East, still love fashion and brave the cold:
1. You cannot go wrong with an oversized scarf, ladylike hat and layers of sheepskin and knit.
2. Wearing white from head-to-toe is the epitome of chic. You might want to avoid children, food and pens.
3. Pile on blanket coats and jackets -try fringed ones. Cinch the waist.
4. Wear the ultimate accessory: your sunglasses. Even in sweats, a rocking’ pair of eyeglasses can pull a look together.

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