The Visual Culture of New York’s Elite

Explore the late-19th and early- 20th centuries. Inaugurating the Museum’s Tiffany & Co. Foundation Gallery, Gilded New York explores when its elite flaunted their riches as never before.

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Marked by the sudden rise of industrial and corporate wealth, this era in New York was amassed by such titans as Cornelius Vanderbilt and Jay Gould, who expressed their high status through extravagant fashions, architecture, and interior design. The exhibition presents a lavish display of some 100 works, including: costumes, jewelry, portraits, and decorative objects, created between the mid-1870s and the early 20th century.

It was a time when New York became the nation’s corporate headquarters and a popular Ladies’ Mile of luxury retail establishments and cultural institutions helped launch the city to global prominence.

Museum of New York City, November 13, 2013:

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