Look 10 Years Younger in 10 Minutes

No matter how busy or crazy we get - when we hear the words “How to Look Younger” – we stop in our tracks and listen intently.

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I am guilty of this myself.  But, who doesn’t want to know the latest and greatest beauty tips for staying young forever? 

Lately, I have been doing research on ways to look younger using effective one-time “big bang for your bucks” methods.  My research brought me back to one of my founding philosophies of beauty, which is - SKINCARE IS THE FOUNDATION OF BEAUTY.

I  preach that you  must practice a daily skincare routine that includes cleansing, toning, and moisturizing.  But, what happens when this habit is just not enough to ward off stress showing up on our face? And when it does,  it’s safe to say that we don’t have time for the beauty “extras” like facials, microdermabrasion, adequate rest/sleep, massages, “me” time, and all of the other great beauty habits?

It’s easy to head into a beauty rut at this rate.  But, you don’t have too.

In 10 minutes, once a week, you can LOOK YOUNGER.  How?  Super-Deep Skincare.  Basically: this is your daily skincare routine…super-sized.

What you do:

Step 1:  Steam your face: You can either do this by standing at a safe distance over medium-boiling water or by using a hot towel (as hot as you can stand it).  Steam your face for 2 minutes to open your pores.  This is necessary for Step 2.

Step 2:  Apply a detoxifying mask:  It’s important to apply the mask while your pores are open to draw out impurities, oil, and dirt that are deep in your pores that your daily skincare routine cannot clean.  Leave mask on for 5 minutes to dry before moving on to Step 3.

Step 3:  Lather up with a gentle cleanser:  This cleansing step will wash away your regular stack of dirt plus the extra grime and impurities that the mask tackled.  Cleansing should take 1 minute.

Step 4:  Balance with a non-alcoholic toner:  The toner will restore your skin’s pH and also get any dirt, grime and residue that may have been left behind by your mask and cleanser.  Toning should take 1 minute.

Step 5:  Complete your super-skincare project by moisturizing your face:  Moisturizing is a step that is very tempting to skip by many…but don’t! It’s very important to hydrate and restore your skin’s moisture with this step.  Moisturizing should take 1 minute to complete.

Do you lead a  busy and hectic lifestyle? Well Bella, this may be the solution for you!

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