Tricks for Bigger, Brighter, Sexier Eyes

Makeup does wonders to create the appearance that you have always dreamed of. For bigger, more sexier eyes there are a few key tricks that can help you give the appearance of wide-open eyes.  I secretly wish that sometimes I could swap my squinty eyes for bigger eyes…ONLY for certain occasions. Otherwise, I think my eyes are pretty awesome!  Anyway, I digress…

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Curl your lashes

Your lashes are the key to really making your eyes appear wide-open. If you don’t have naturally long lashes, you can easily opt for a mascara that adds length before you curl your lashes. The best way to really elongate your lashes is by wiggling your mascara wand to coat every lash.

So how to get the best curl? Start by curling at the root of your lashes and hold it for 3 seconds then curl again by moving it up. If you suffer from lashes that don’t hold a curl then use a mascara that is waterproof. A waterproof mascara contains more wax in the formula which will help keep your lashes sky high. If you lashes are super stubborn then heat your eyelash curler with a hair dryer for a few seconds then curl your lashes, the heat will help keep your lash curl. Remember to not heat your lashes too much and to test it before you curl.

White eyeliner

A trick that makeup artists use on celebrities is white eyeliner on the waterline. Using a bright color eyeliner can create the illusion of bigger eyes. By using a white or nude color eyeliner gives the appearance of bigger whites of the eyes, which will in turn give you larger looking eyes. Just make sure to use the eyeliner directly on the waterline.

Conceal Dark Circles

It’s important to conceal any imperfections around your eyes. Concealer helps to cancel out any pigmentation around the eyes. Use a peachy or orange tone concealer to help cancel out any darkness. Once you’ve concealed any discoloration, set your makeup with a powder that is 2 shades lighter then you skin tone to really brighten up your eyes.


Using light colors on key areas of your face can help draw light towards certain parts of your face. The key areas to give the appearance of bigger eyes is to use a highlight shade under your eye brow and on the inner corner of your eyes. These 2 areas will help to exaggerate your eye shape.

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