Things to Consider When Choosing Fall Makeup

Fall is that season of the year that prepares you for winter. The temperature becomes cooler but still comfortable and the leaves start to fall off the branches. The animals also start to grow thick coats of fur and hair to help them brave the upcoming weather. For women, this is a great time to try new fall makeup trends and styles.


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Makeup styles in fall are different than summer, spring, or winter makeup styles. This is because the weather and the colors associated with fall are much different than in the other seasons. Here are 4 things to consider when choosing makeup for this Season:

  • Go for the natural look. Do not wear heavy, caked on makeup, especially when it comes to choosing or wearing foundation. Choose something light and natural. Some women do not wear foundation. They just use loose powder or primer that serves as their makeup base.
  • Choose one facial feature that you want to stand out. This could either be your eyes or lips. Do not make both your eyes and lips prominent or your makeup will look overdone. If you have full lips, you can focus on that by using a bright red lipstick. If you have nice eyes, emphasize them with the right eye makeup colors. This is also a great tip to keep in mind for ALL seasons.
  • Always pick waterproof makeup. Fall is usually very rainy. You do not want to have smudged lipstick or eye makeup when the rain starts to pour. You can also try to avoid the rain by using umbrella or not going out when it is raining, if you can help it.
  • If you are going to a party or a night out with friends and you want to be bold with your makeup, you can wear eye shadow in purple shades. You can never go wrong with purple when it comes to eye makeup. You can also try peaches and pink to give your face a softer and warmer look.

I hope these tips will encourage you to go try something new!

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