Finding Inspiration

By Dr. Sunita Merriman

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While spending time in Italy this summer, I fell in love with Michelangelo, his work and his spirit. Of course, it’s hard not to be impressed by the magnificence of David in Florence and the heart breaking depiction of a mother’s love of Pieta in Saint Paul’s Basilica in the Vatican City. However, the story that has remained with me the most is that of the first piece that Michelangelo ever made for Lorenzo the magnificent of the Medici family of Florence. It was the head of an aged faun, a mythological forest spirit. Lorenzo was astonished at the mature mastery of the work, considering that artist was just thirteen or fourteen years old. However, in passing, he remarked that the old faun would probably not have had all his teeth at that age.  It is believed that as soon as Lorenzo left, the Michelangelo immediately chiseled out a tooth and even drilled a hole in the marble gum of the bust!

The story has significance for me in many ways. It demonstrates how the pursuit of excellence is never ending and a true artist is always learning and improving. It is also telling of how missing teeth have always been considered a sign of aging and decline. Luckily, nowadays, we can help our patients keep their teeth healthy and beautiful at any age.

I hope you had a summer of inspiration and that you are looking forward to a fabulous rest of the year.

Until next time,

Be well, Do well, Live well.

 Dr.Merriman is committed to reducing her patient’s health risks and to help them achieve and maintain a healthy and beautiful smile.