5 Great Coats For Your Fall Closet

I hate to say it, but fall is fast approaching. And, as we wind down from what I believe to be the shortest summer ever, my mind has been wandering to fall finds, and of course, coats are on top of the list.


This season I’d like to add some zest and color to my collection. I’ve wanted an animal print coat since forever, but just haven’t clicked with the right one. That might just be changing with this number 4 find. I’m thinking monochromatic – black jeans, black tee, black boots, black hat, and one of these coats – yes, picture that.

Aside from leopard print not leaving any time soon, this fall big, oversized coats are making a splash. Rounded shoulders seem to be stylish and color is popping. I want color. How about you?

Check out these 5 great picks that will surely spruce up your fall closet.

1. Topshop Animal Print Coat

2. Zara Jacquard Coat

3. Topshop Fluffy Boyfriend Coat

4. Zara Wool Coat

5. French Connection Glorious Wool Oversized Coat

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