Meet your Match: How to Choose the Right Foundation

Summer is coming to an end and chances are, your sun-kissed glow is beginning to fade. Now is the perfect time to reevaluate your foundation choice so you can welcome Fall with a flawless face.

Most of us want the same thing: picture perfect skin without looking like we took a dive in a vat of foundation. The wide array of formulas can be extremely overwhelming if you do not know what to look for, which often leads to a drawer full of useless foundations. I am here to tell you that your perfect foundation is out there – no more playing scenes from Goldilocks! Let’s narrow things down together so you can finally meet your match and put a ring on it!

First, you must decide what OCCASION you need this foundation for. Will you be wearing it only during the evenings? For work? Your weekend errands? It is okay to own multiple foundations (often known as a “foundation wardrobe”) as long as they serve different purposes. You would not wear a cocktail dress to buy your groceries, would you?

Once you have decided when and where you will be wearing your coveted foundation, it will be easy to choose how much COVERAGE you need. If you have good skin with a bit of redness in the T-zone, sheer coverage is for you. BB Cream, CC Cream, or a tinted moisturizer would be a great option. If you have some blemishes and an overall uneven complexion, you will need to look for a medium coverage foundation. Full coverage is best for problematic skin or when you want to look extra polished for a special event.

Now think about your desired FINISH. Are you searching for that “J-Lo glow” or do you prefer a matte finish? If you find yourself attracted to illuminizers or would describe your skin as lackluster or dull, go for the glow! A luminous finish will smooth and hydrate dry skin, as well as blur the fine lines of a mature skin. If you find yourself touching up with powder all day, a foundation with a matte finish will significantly cut down on your powder breaks by keeping excess oil at bay.

At this point you should know your occasion, coverage, and finish. When you find a foundation that satisfies these requirements, you cannot go wrong. However, if you are still having a hard time committing, there are a few other questions you can ask yourself to narrow it down even further such as:

  1. Would you like SPF in your foundation?
  2. What PACKAGING is best for your lifestyle? (pump, compact, tube, jar, etc.)
  3. Do you need a LONG WEARING foundation?
  4. What TEXTURE do you prefer? (liquid, powder, cream, mousse, etc.)
  5. Would you like TREATMENT in your foundation? (lifting, brightening, firming, anti-aging, etc.)

Some of the questions above may be more important to you than the finish or coverage, and that is okay! As long as you establish three or four nonnegotiables ahead of time and stay focused, you will not take home the wrong foundation!

Hopefully you now have your eye set on one formula. This means you have arrived at the last, and sometimes most difficult step: choosing your SHADE. The fear of looking like a (gasp!) corpse or oompa loompa is real! Do not fret! Simply select a color that you think is best and use a Q-Tip to stripe that shade, along with one shade lighter and one shade darker, on your jaw line. The color that blends best with your skin tone is the lucky one! Voila! You have met your match! Cheers to the new, happy couple!

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