Eye Do!

“Eye Do!”  Sounds like a BIG commitment, right? Well, making a choice to wear eye shadow is a huge commitment and to add more pressure to the entire matter, there is a thin line between wearing it right and wearing it wrong.  We have all heard that the eyes are the windows to the soul and are the first thing that people notice about your face.  So, knowing how to apply your eye shadow is a key to giving a great impression.

Eye shadows come in matte, satin, shimmer, cream and glitter finishes in an amazing variety of shades from the softest nude to the wildest fluorescent colors.

It helps to know what colors complement your skin tone and eye color, and to think a little about your lifestyle before making your choice. Here are your guidelines to make choosing your eye shadow color a bit easier.

Blue Eyes –

Blue eyes look amazing with earth-toned shadow colors such as browns, taupes and grays.  Pink and purple hues provide a striking contrast for blue eyes.  Please stay away from blue eye shadow!

Green Eyes –

Green eyes paired with purple hues of shadow give a dramatic effect.  Shadows in the brown hue family give green eyes a more neutral look while emphasizing your eyes.

Hazel Eyes –

Hazel eyes are best paired with neutral hues like brown, pink, beige, and taupe.  Purple shadow gives hazel eyes a pop.

Dark Brown Eyes –

Brown eyes respond the most diverse possibilities, as most eye shadow colors can look great.  Green, pink and gold shadows really give brown eyes a pop.

Gray Eyes –

Gray eyes are rare but they do naturally occur.  For gray eyes, brown and purple eye shadows work best.

While, we are on the eye shadow subject, let’s clear the air on the types of textures and what will work best for you.  Here is the low-down on the different types of eye shadows.

Cream eye shadows are tricky because they often collect in the eyelid crease by the end of the day.  These shadows should be applied with a shadow brush made of synthetic hair or with a makeup sponge.  When using a cream shadow, there shouldn’t be more than two colors used at a time.

Powder eye shadows are sold singly or in coordinated sets of colors and are available in loose or pressed-powder forms.  Powder shadows are the most popular form because they blend well and come in a huge variety of colors.  These shadows are best applied using a natural hair brush.

Liquid eye shadows are easy to apply.  These shadows can be worn alone as a translucent hint of color, or as a base for other eye shadows layered over them to set.  These shadows are best applied using a synthetic hair brush.

Pencil eye shadows are available in a wide array of colors and are quite simple to apply.  It is best to wear one or two colors at a time.  Start with your boldest color, drawing a line of color on the lash line.  Blend upwards with a brush or finger tips.  Next, if using a second color, apply and blend so that colors are fused.  These shadows are best applied with a synthetic hair brush.

So, now that we have covered the base of wearing eye shadow, the final question we must address is, “How do I avoid my eye shadow creasing?”

Believe it or not, it is common for women to have oily eyelids regardless of their skin type.  When you apply eye shadow to oily eyelids, it results in an undesirable line of dark color gathered in the crease of your lid. The best way to combat eye shadow creasing is to use an eye shadow primer, which many beauty brands carry.  A great eye shadow primer will keep your eye shadow in place the entire day and will help to prevent the creasing.

Where these tips helpful? Let me know in a comment below!

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