12 Gorgeous Ways To Help Save Our Planet

It’s not April and it’s not Earth month. But, why wait until then to make a big fuss, and concerted effort to do what we should be doing every day?

Remember when Anya Hindmarch launched her logoed bags at Wholefoods 6 years ago with the words, “I Am Not A Plastic Bag?” The lines to get those bags were long and ridiculous. I mean wrapped around two blocks; 59th and 60th streets in NYC. To make matters worse, it was 5am, and raining.

For me it was love at first sight when I saw the cute little canvas bag embossed with words I felt were so necessary and powerful.  And as a hand bag junkie, joining the line at 5am was not even an option. I woke my then teenager, and hauled her off to stand in line with me, but ’twas all in vain. We did not get the bag. Three quarts of the way, the bags were all gone.  I’d missed my chance to use my love for hand bags to make a conscientious and fashionable green statement. Later that day my daughter’s friend, Mark came over to our house from New Jersey to work on music with her. And as fate would have it, he and a few friends had gotten several of the bags, which they intended to resell. Of course I got one, and I still have it.

Did I need that bag to make a statement? Of course not. I was simply feeding the bag fiend in me. I did however, make a concerted effort to become a better green and gorgeous beauty, and do more to save the planet. I still do and so can you. We all need to do our part if we want our children to inherit this planet. Every little makes every bit of difference.

Wondering what you can do? You don’t need to be and eco expert to make a difference. Here are 12 little ways you can contribute to help save our mother earth.

1. Shop online.

2. Sign up for online banking.

3. Shop Vintage.

4. Ease up on the gas pedal.

5. Give gifts that inspire others to give.

6. Use rechargeable batteries.

7. Subscribe electronically to your favorite magazines.

8. Reuse your cosmetics and bath & body containers whenever possible.

9. Lessen your shower time.

10. Invest in a high efficiency washer and dryer.

11. BYOB – Bring your own bag when you shop at the supermarke.t

12. Invest in reusable water bottles.

The list can go on and on. Do what you can Now! And, please, share with us your gorgeous green ways. We’d love to hear from you.

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