The 5 Biggest Secrets to Having Flawless Beauty for Less

Beauty shopping can add up….fast.

Is all hope lost if you want to look your best but don’t want to spend your life savings buying beauty products?  No.

So, you are probably thinking…’what’s the catch?’  There is no catch.

In fact, the “Five Biggest Secrets to Having  Flawless Beauty for Less” will be revealed right here, right now.

1.  Find Your Signature Look

Creating your signature look allows you to save time and money.  It’s a great idea to have a basic Daytime and Nighttime look.  This may sound like it’s a strict rule to follow but having a signature look doesn’t mean that you can’t add flare to it for those special moments.

Your signature look should change with the seasons.

The key words for creating your Daytime look are neutral and modest.

The key words for creating your Nighttime look are dazzle and flare.

When you know the exact makeup products that you need, then you will not have tons of products in your beauty stash that you have only used once, or maybe not at all.

2.  Practice a Simple Skincare Regimen

It is quite easy to get sucked into buying a new potion for every single issue that you have with your skin.  This can take a bite out of your wallet rather quickly.

Key word for skincare is ‘simple.’

A great skincare regimen includes 3 elements: Cleansing, Toning & Moisturizing.

Every other product is a bonus and not necessary.

3.  Manage Your Beauty Stash

In the craze of buying a beauty product for everything, your beauty stash at home can get out of hand with an overload of products.

The rule is – Don’t keep more than ‘3’ of any product and don’t buy again until this entire product is completely finished.

It’s also a great idea to have a special place for storing and organizing your beauty stash.  This helps you to know how much of a particular product you have left and helps to avoid unnecessary spending.

4.  Beauty Club Memberships

Inquire about memberships at your favorite beauty store.  Many stores offer these free programs to their frequent shopper customers in exchange for exclusive discounts and savings on featured products.

We all know that beauty products can add up in dollars.

Joining a membership can save a ton of money because now you know when to shop for the products that you regularly use.  Also, if you want to try something new, often times, you get free samples of a new product just for being a member.

5.  Follow Beauty Experts

In the new world of social media, it is super easy to follow beauty experts online and get free beauty tips and tricks.  This eliminates trial and error which is a cost.

Social media sites like Facebook and Twitter have a ‘search’ feature that you can use to ‘follow’ as many beauty experts as you want.  If you fall in love with any of the beauty experts that you follow, you can join their mailing list where it is very common for them to have special contests and exclusives for their followers with tons of beauty product prizes and surprises.

Beauty experts also love answering your questions on social media.  Your question may even inspire them to create a special blog post in which they can answer your question with tons of solutions.  The great part is that it’s all free.

Do you have a beauty question? I’d love to hear from you! Leave me a comment below.

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