HCG Diet – Weight Loss Management Program

By Fountain of Youth Rx

Our HCG Diet could help you achieve your weight management goals immediately! We are excited to share some brief information about the Suarez Medical HCG Diet and how it will help enhance your health and wellbeing:

1. Have you tried every fad diet, workout tape, infomercial fitness equipment, personal trainer, weight loss food management program (Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers, etc.) to end up frustrated with little to no weight loss or worse to have put the weight back on?

2. How would you like to be encouraged to lose ½ lb to a pound a day? Yes, A DAY!

3. How would you like to reset your current weight to your new goal weight?

4. How would you like to easily develop a lifestyle change to maintain your new goal weight so that you will never have to diet again?

5. Would you like to fit into those jeans that are stored in the back of the closet?

6. Would you like to have more energy?

7. Would you like to have the desire to exercise and be more fit and healthy?

If you answered YES to any of the above, then the Suarez Medical HCG Diet could be right for you! When you come in for your FREE consultation, you will learn the details of the protocol. 

Some of our FAQs:

Q: What is HCG and why is it used?
A: Natural hormone sound in very high amounts in pregnant women is prescribed by the physician to help aid in reducing hunger pains and eliminating fat instead of muscle.

Q: How long is the diet?
A: Six weeks – diet phase & six weeks – maintenance phase

Q: What am I allowed to eat or drink on the diet?
A: You will be on a low calorie diet, managed by the physician, for 6 weeks which you will be able to enjoy many of the foods you can cook yourself or easily find at any restaurant.

Q: Will I really lose a lb a day?
A: On average, our patients have lost 20-40 lbs in 12 weeks!

Q: How costly is the Suarez Medical HCG Diet?
A: We’ve been told it’s less costly than Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers or hiring a personal trainer.

Q: How do I get started?
A: Schedule your free consultation today. Call (914) 664-0298. After your consultation and reviewing your labs, if you qualify, you can get started to losing lbs and inches right away!


Fountain of Youth Rx
4870 Hylan Blvd. 2nd Floor, Staten Island, NY 10312


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