Be Wise

Who makes the rules as to what is wise and what is not wise? What is your definition being wise?

I love when someone says, “Oh, that wasn’t such a wise decision.” Well, maybe it was; just maybe that not-so-wise decision will be teaching me a lesson later on. Or maybe it will end up to be a wise decision after all.

To be wise is to judge properly as to what is right or wrong.  But don’t we all have our own standards? Don’t we all have our own morals and values? Doesn’t that mean we all are wise on different levels and in our own ways?

I know there is a general wise standard that the average human being is aware of and abides to, but I want to take this deeper and share some ways to embrace your wise identity. Having a wise intuition, wise actions, wise dreams and to be a wise role model is a fantastic way to start having a wise identity.

Below are a few steps in the direction to be a bit more wise…if you choose to.

1. Be Wise with Intuitions – Intuition is being aware, knowing something without yet discovering it. Many of us ignore our intuition because we may have a fear of facing it, or we don’t know that the uneasy feeling we are feeling is our intuition speaking to us. Therefore, how do you have a wise intuition?

I’m sure you’ve heard of how meditating helps you listen to your intuition. Quite frankly, I have not mastered meditation, not even a 5-minute-long meditation. I’m like the real-life energizer bunny; mediation is further down the road for me, when my battery slows down!   So, I am not going to recommend this.

One way I suggest is exercising. I exercise with Pilates or yoga and this helps calm my mind, the ongoing voice inside of me, and I learn to focus on my breathing and my body as a whole. Yes, I know you may not be into these types of exercise, maybe not even exercise at all. You may find this through another type of exercise or hobby, but it is important that you find an activity that calms you and allows you the opportunity to be still, to be whole, and to be balanced.

Learning to focus on your emotions is another way to be in tune and to have a wise intuition.  We experience feelings for a reason, therefore, it’s best to know why we are feeling the way we are and understanding it. Note: check out our Emotion Commotion section by our writer Kimberly Elmore to learn more about your emotions and handling them.

Listening is a Way to Be Wise

Once you are able to listen, feel, and distinguish your intuition that is when you will start to have a wiser intuition.  See how I said wiser, I know you are wise, but it doesn’t hurt to be even wiser, right?

2. Be Wise with Actions – How many times have you made a move that wasn’t so smooth? How many times have you drank a little too many of those fruity shots? How many times have you sent a text or put on your make-up while driving? Or stole? Or had an affair? I can go on and on, but the question is, are you paying attention to your actions and do they fit your standards? The drinking and driving and texting are considered a NOT WISE ACTION for us all.

What about deeper actions?  What you eat, think, say, and do are all variables to having wise actions. These are all forms of actions that we create day-to-day. So create a list of wise actions that you already take.  Then create a list of the not-so-wise actions you take and look at both lists. Now write a list of wiser actions you can start to take.  Where can you start to make the shifts in your current actions to be stronger, to be wiser?

3. Be Wise with Dreams – Here we go, my favorite of the three because it really is the easiest; we all prefer easier sometimes.  Having wise dreams is limitless. When I think of wise dreams, I think of dreams I want to make real. I think of what I want and envision that dream. Make your dreams wiser, more detailed and they will become more real.

You alone can determine what your dreams mean and where they take you. Be aware of what you dream and if you remember when you wake up, write them down.  See if there is a pattern.  Is it a good or bad dream to you?

I’d like to share a not-so-wise dream with you. I’m engaged and I’ve been having dreams of my fiancee leaving me or finding another woman. Insanely detailed that I have pictures of the women in my head. Crazy, right? My fiancee would never cheat and treats me with nothing but respect.  So I finally told him about these dreams and of course he reassured me there was nothing to worry about.  I have to move on from this dream and venting definitely helped, but what I also did was write about it and then write about all the amazing qualities our relationship has. I also had my fiancee share with me all that he loves about me.  Sometimes we just need to be reassured. I felt much better after this, and I’m having much wiser dream –dreams of my future, my business, my life, and my future family.

4. Be Wise as a Role Model – It is important for us to take responsibility in our actions and know that we are a role model to somebody. Whether it is to our children, nieces, nephews, god daughter, sibling, student, etc. We must be wise role models.  There are tons of programs out there for children and teens such as bullying, healthy eating and self-esteem, but if they go home after learning about these topics and their role models (us) are eating poorly every minute, saying mean things to our family and friends, telling our children they are overweight, fighting with our loved ones, constantly looking in the mirror and saying, “Ugh, I look fat,” when your child is standing right there…these are areas we must pay attention to and be wiser.

So let’s be wise or wiser together and take these three steps to create your wise identity!

~Susan Vernicek

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Susan Vernicek is known as the Identity Energizer. Her purpose and passion is to empower women to get all A’s in the game of life, within themselves and their lives.

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