A stroll down memory lane isn’t always in sensible (or stylish!) shoes. What was your style like back in the day? We asked three high profile beauties to go back – way back – and share their fashion journey. 

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The Journalist

Trisha Goddard is host of NBCUniversal’s daytime talk show “The Trisha Goddard Show”  (TheTrishaShow.com), and she has a very eclectic fashion history, starting off as a journalist in Australia, then talk show host in UK, now talk show host in America. She is also a breast cancer survivor. As an internationally recognized conflict-resolution expert, Trisha helps everyday people and their families navigate through tough issues they are struggling to overcome. 

That Was Then: “That’s me starting out as a TV news/current Affairs anchorwoman in Sydney, Australia. (Their first black presenter ever!) It was the ‘80s (1988) – all big hair and bigger shoulder pads. Not to mention the “Dynasty”-style clip-on earrings! Then there’s my fashion style in the 90s! Big, bold and bright in my UK TV days. Yuck!”

This Is Now: “The older I’ve got, the more adventurous my style … However, I’m now more into muted colors. Naturally, my TV style is picked out by my stylist and I regard these as ‘work clothes.’ In real life, I wear clothes by Rick Owen, Stella McCartney, Ralph Lauren (although I like to add a little edge to his sophisticated look!) Helmut Lang, Vince, Paul Smith suits and Alexander McQueen. I have always been a tomboy – never a girly girl. What’s changed? I’m no longer a slave to heels and skirts. I call it fashion I can run in!”

The Actress

Martha Byrne, an icon in the soap world and winner of two Emmys, grew up on the set of “As The World Turns” playing Lily Walsh Snyder and her twin sister Rose, starting at age 15. She owns a talent training and management academy in New Jersey called “Full Circle Talent” for children serious about the acting business. Martha is most proud of her original Emmy-nominated webseries, GothamTheSeries.com, which she produces and stars in.

That Was Then: “I had the classic ‘80s look. If I had my way back in the day, I would’ve had the full Madonna bleached blonde hair and fishnets. Thank goodness my mother was not afraid to tell me ‘No!’ I would set my hair in perm rollers and sit under a hairdryer for hours just to get the perfect frizz … I mean curl. I loved Guess clothes. I had the soft pastel pants and matching t-shirts in every color. Oh, and Body Glove bathing suits were all the rage back in those days. Looking back, I wish the spray tan was around to help out my Irish glow.”

This Is Now: “I’m slightly obsessed with Anthropology. I love all the skirts, flowy tops and summer dresses. As a woman in her 40s, I think it’s important for women to dress age-appropriately, but hold on to the essence of their youth with their style. Anthropology’s clothes capture a woman’s feminine side perfectly. For business attire I always have success at Ann Taylor. I know I can go to any Ann Taylor store and find the perfect outfit for a casual business meeting. My all-time favorite designer is Nicole Miller. Nicole knows how to design for a real woman’s body. As a busy mom of three, when the red carpet calls, I need to know I can trust a designer to bring it home for me. Nicole is amazing.”

The Gymnast

Shannon Miller, Olympic Gold Medalist, mother and cancer survivor, is now president of Shannon Miller Lifestyle (ShannonMillerLifestyle.com), where her mission is to help women make their health a priority. Whether it’s losing those last five pounds or fighting cancer, Shannon helps women tackle life’s challenges once step at a time. 

That Was Then: “Growing up I didn’t think too much about fashion. I lived in leotards, sweats and jeans. I didn’t know how to do make up or hair, but ask me to throw a double somersault or flip around on a four-inch wide beam and I was your gal!”  

This Is Now: “Now I enjoy having versatility. As a mom, I want to wear clothes that make me look and feel good but still allow me to get out and play ball with my son. As a woman, I love that I can be wearing the most adorable sweats for a morning workout and by evening feel like a princess in the most elegant gown. For me, fashion is about confidence. I want to wear clothes, make up and a hairstyle that makes me look and feel good about myself. Whether that means a dressed down day at the beach or a glamour girl evening at an event, I believe that what makes fashion work is the confidence with which you wear it.” 

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