Liquid liner is reserved for professional artists, right? Wrong! A cat eye is within your reach whether your last memory of makeup is a mismatched foundation powder you wore for Cousin Johnny’s wedding circa 1995, or if you consider makeup a daily necessity yet cannot seem to master the sharp line. Warning: after a glance at this simple breakdown, your daily beauty routine may never be the same.


Define the eye

Prep the lid with an eye shadow primer, and apply an intense black eyeliner pencil (preferably waterproof) along the underside of the upper lashes. Working from underneath the lashes will give the appearance of a full lash line. This technique is often referred to as “Tight Lining.”


Choose a shape

For a foolproof yet professional application, find liquid eyeliner that you are comfortable working with. When shopping for one, the most important details to take into consideration are the firmness of the brush, and how evenly the product is dispensed.

Once you have found your match, use the outer corner of the eye as a starting point to draw a thin line that extends diagonally upwards from the lower lash line. Having difficulty getting the shape just right? Align the edge of an index card with the corner of the eye and the nostril to achieve the most complimentary angle for your face shape.


Complete the wing

Begin at the line’s highest point and drag the liner towards the lash line. Exercise creative liberty here to fill in the wing according to desired thickness. Depending on your mood, go as thick or thin with the liner as you wish, just be sure not to go below the line you have created in the previous step. Once that happens, break out the makeup wipes because you have officially lost control.


Create a seamless line

With such an attention grabbing eye design, anything less than a flawless line is, in my opinion, unacceptable! Contrary to popular belief, perfection can be achieved regardless of age, eye shape, or skill level. Here is the trick: using the liquid liner, glide the side of the applicator along the lash line, staying as close to the lashes as possible. Do not forget to go all the way to the inner corner of the eye. When sweeping across the lid, try to position the liner horizontally to use the side instead of the point. This will create a smooth line in half the time.


Accentuate your fringe

If your final liner width is medium to thin, complete the look with a mascara that adds length—not volume. Volume is good, but sometimes too much of a good thing can be bad, or shall we say, counterproductive. Every gal wants a voluminous lash; however, volume in excess will conceal your perfect line. Stick to a lengthening formula to showcase your newfound skill.


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