By Kimberly Gambale

Fashion has a cult-like following, where many woman religiously study trends and do their best to mimic top designer style and allure. These fashion fanatics obsess over runway looks and even sacrifice necessities to own a piece of runway memorabilia. Whether you can afford the luxury pieces or search high and low for styles that replicate the real thing, you shouldn’t always “fall” for fashion.

This fall fashion season seems to focus mostly on color and texture with an underlying emphasis on certain styles. With color playing such an important role, you’ll want to tread lightly on being a runway copycat!

Black & Blue

The most popular way to describe a bruise is now one of fashion’s hottest trends. Mixing the two colors was once a fashion no-no! Now it’s all the rage!  But be wary: There is a method to the madness. The black part is easy, but the blue in question is pretty specific – it’s deep navy or cobalt, and there’s nothing soft about it. Think deep, bold, rich. Leave the pastels behind.  Go for a black and blue patterned dress or a cobalt blue top with black pants. And if you’re not 100 percent sold on this trend, start with blue nails!

Oxblood Red

The color alone sets the tone for a dark and mysterious trend alert. This deep burgundy color has been highlighted on top designer runways throughout fashion week. Saturate yourself in the seductive color, but again, tread lightly on when and how you wear it! While a deep burgundy or maroon evening gown shows confidence, this color can be a bit bold for the workplace. Easily add this color to your wardrobe through lip stain or a handbag.

Reptile Print

Hollywood starlets may be able to pull off a full python print outfit, but you may look a bit silly walking around like an amphibian. This fun yet costly look (if you go with the “real thing” trend) is making a statement this fall, but rather than looking like a water snake from top to bottom, add impactful pieces to your wardrobe. My suggestions: Snakeskin boots or pumps, a reptile print handbag or clutch or even a python print cuff bracelet.


We are not talking whips and chains here, but leather is making a comeback and it’s not just for bags! While dressing in leather from head to toe will make you look like a dominatrix or even Catwoman, there is a way to add this bold trend to your closet. Match a leather skirt with a pale blouse for a fun yet feminine look. A short leather dress paired with tights and booties can take you from day to night. Leather pants paired with a flowing top and blazer or slouchy sweater combines texture and style. Or the easiest way to add this: Opt for a classic leather jacket or blazer.


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