Spotlight: Demet Oger


Photographed by Vital Agibalow for Hensel
Make-up: Kate Romanoff for MAC Cosmetics
Hair: Brenton Diallo
Jewelry: Alex Soldier 




Movie producer Demet Oger is a woman on the move. This Turkish beauty is not only an accomplished actress and model, but also an international movie producer who has worked with such A-listers as Matt Dillon and George Clooney. As Oger’s empire expands throughout the US and Europe, BELLA had the chance to sit down with her and find out more about what makes this international power player tick.

You were born and raised in Turkey, so what was it that drew you to life in the US?

America is a country of boundless possibilities. I highly respect the justice system, the dedication to protecting human rights, the passion for freedom, and the quality norms in this country.


What traits do you look for in others?

Honesty, reliability, trust, loyalty, and common interests.


You have traveled all over the world to more than 100 countries. Which cities were you drawn to the most, and why?

Paris with its “savoir vivre,” Los Angeles with its quality of life, Quito with its nature and innocence, Rome with its historical beauty, and Buenos Aires with its tango and love of life.


You are so fashionable, and have had quite a career in the industry as a model.  Who are your favorite designers?

Chanel, Missoni, Alexander McQueen, and Roberto Cavalli. Alexander and Missoni were both my friends—they were so impressive and have been such big losses for the world.


Your generous philanthropy has you involved in amazing global organizations. What drives you to work on these specific causes? (Oger is a board member of Refugee International, and also supports the Elton John AIDS Foundation and works on projects to help poor children around the world with a special focus on Africa.)

Fortunately, I am on the sunny side of the life, but there are millions of people living in the darkness. As a human being, I feel a responsibility to help those in need. Helping people makes me happy.

By: Vital Agibalow for Hensel

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