Lash Out With A New Look

Are you bored with your look? Perhaps it’s time for a change in style. Celebrities do this all the time and certainly sends social media into overdrive when Kylie Jenner changes her hair or Taylor Swift tries out a new makeup style. So, why not try the same? After all, we’re approaching summer so when not find a new look for a new season. Here’s a few changes you can make that will radically alter your appearance.

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Be Bold With The Brows

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Big, thick brows have never been more stylish, and they can have a beautiful effect on your eyes. Thick brows will make your eyes more distinct and draw a lot of attention. Alas some of us are not blessed with naturally thick eyebrows. But, it’s easy to fill your eyebrows in and make them look thicker. With a couple flicks of a pencil, you can fill in the spaces, making them bigger, bolder and more distinguished.


Bat Those Lashes

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Another eye feature that you can make bolder is your eyelashes. Making your eyelashes look thicker will completely alter how your eyes look to other people. In short, you can make neutral colors pop beautifully. There are a few ways to lengthen your lashes. For instance, you can get an electric curler. This techy trick is a precise way to perfect your style. Or alternatively, just dampen your brush before adding the mascara. This really does work a treat.


Going Straight

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Maybe you’re known for your coiled, springy hair. You can shock everyone by walking into the office with beautiful straight locks that flow like silk down your back. To do this, you need to use one of the best flat irons of 2017. Hairstraightener Studio has some fantastic recommendations to make sure you create a style that stays. Remember, if you are straightening your hair don’t forget to use a protective heat spray. Otherwise, you can damage your hair and wear away the color.


The alternative here, of course, is to go from straight to curly. If you want a fun, carefree, zesty look, loose ringlets are the perfect choice.


On The Fringe Of Greatness

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Or, another change you can make to your hair is by adding or removing your fringe. People often say that ladies with a fringe look more innocent and conservative. While those without or with a flicked side fringe look a tad more bold and adventurous. It all depends on the personality you want to convey. Before you alter your fringe, speak to a stylist. You might find your face shape doesn’t match the style you’re seeking.


Nailed It

Or finally, you can make your style a touch more unique and alter your look by dressing up your nails. Aqua nails are in right now and to get this effect two artificial nails are stuck together. Oils and glitters are used in between to give the appearance of a moving ocean. It’s the perfect style for summer and will certainly catch people’s attention.

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