By Marcus Stewart

Dear Fashion Doctor,

As I sit in my closet, I find myself in a state on confusion – or maybe it’s shock! I consider myself a pretty image-conscious individual. I read the latest fashion magazines; I work out daily and eat healthy; I visit my salon every three months for a cut and color; and I attend the local fashion shows here in the Washington DC area where I live with my politician husband and two kids.

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On the surface level I seem pretty style-aware, but what I have noticed is that I take no risks. While I’m on top of what is happening in fashion, I can’t seem to take the plunge and do something different for myself. I have a plethora of the same black A-line dresses, cropped cardigans, and kitten heels. Due to the nature of my life, I must remain a bit conservative but as the holidays approach I want to step outside my bubble a bit and punch up my holiday wardrobe.

Some things to note: I refuse to wear red or plaid, or any other “holiday-inspired” get-ups. I’m extremely tall – 6’1 with no heels – so I tend to wear flats, but I still want to be fabulous and I desire a fresh and modern spin on my cookie-cutter suburban style.



The Real Conservative Housewife of DC

Dear Conservative Housewife of DC,

Right away, you seem to be a woman who knows what she wants. This is a good thing. Being involved in the local fashion scene is also a good and healthy thing. This means you actually enjoy the art of style, beauty, and luxury. But being involved as a spectator and actually living a style-conscious life are two different things. You are watching things happen while taking minor notes.

Why not get involved? Why be the water girl when you prefer to be on the field playing? It’s time for you to let go of restrictions, fear, and what you deem “conservative living,” and get in the game!

My prescription for you will be practical for your lifestyle yet also transitional. I believe that a dress or a shoe should always be multi-purposed especially when they are costly. Also, no woman reading this will feel bad for you that you have long legs and stand at 6’1… embrace your height… own it – be confident! Remember: Two extra minutes in the mirror and two extra inches on a heel will always make a world of a difference!


The Fashion Doctor






L.K.  Bennett Idris Emerald Leopard $475,

What could be more classic and versatile than a wrap dress? Pair with flats during the day for a subdued look, and go for a printed dress instead of a single-colored frock!



L.K. Bennett Murren Dark Grey Shearling Coat $2495,

Shearling is the biggest trend this fall season. This day-and-night piece will add flare to any look!



Fabricca Cross Body Leather Bag $1245,

Punch up your fall look with a splash of color and structure.



Dolce & Gabbana Black Decollete Pizzo Catania Floral Appliqué Pumps $1295,

These stylist, yet practical 3.5-ich heels are adorned with lace and floral appliqué. What could be better?!



Fallon Sterling Silver Emerald Silhouette Cut-Out Ring $265,

Costume jewels are the new real deal. Mix and match your estate pieces with fun items that have character and charm for a more modern look.



Oscar De La Renta Pearl Pave Backdrop Earrings $390,

Take any look from day to night by adding movement to the ears with these pearl drop stunners.



Oscar De La Renta Pave Flower Bracelet $475,

Have fun with your wrist! Don’t be afraid of the bling!



Prism Moscow D-Frame Ombre Acetate Sunglasses $410,

Nothing screams “power glam” like a pair of classic, gradual cat-eye sunnies!

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