Champagne Look On A Lemonade Budget

If you are a self-confessed fashionista, chances are there isn’t a designer or moment in fashion history you’re not aware of. The world of high fashion is so glamorous it’s easy to get sucked in. After all, who doesn’t love flicking through Vogue on an evening, a glass of wine in hand, imagining they were front row at New York Fashion Week? But admiring this world from afar and actually being a part of it are two very different things. If you are lucky enough to be pretty well off, then designer clothes might be as commonplace to you as picking up food from the store is. But for most of us, the designer dream is nothing but that: a dream. With some pieces from the top end of the designer scale going for thousands and thousands of dollars, it simply isn’t realistic for most ‘normal’ people to spend so much money on just one piece of clothing. But if you’re sick of feeling dowdy in what you wear, just what can you do to get that designer vibe? Here are a few options you might want to consider, that will have you feeling as though you could strut it on the runway with the best of them.

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Don’t disregard a bargain

You may look a the price tag on a piece of clothing and if it’s pretty inexpensive, immediately disregard it. However, you could be missing a trick here. Just because a piece of clothing is cheap doesn’t mean it’s not fashionable. Okay, so the quality isn’t likely to be up there with a typical designer piece. But then again, if you are just out shopping to find something to wear for one night only, do you really want to be spending a fortune anyway? Hunt around in high street stores and thrift shops for designer replicas – you’d be surprised at how well some of them pull it off.

Re-work your current closet

We tend to get so used to the clothes we wear day in, day out, that before long even our best-loved pieces start to lose their appeal. Take a step back for a second and try to view your closet with fresh eyes. Will your whole wardrobe be revolutionized with the addition of one or two designer pieces?  Probably not. You could consider updating some of your current pieces to mirror a designer look, by using some of these 50 brilliant fashion hacks that’ll save you a ton of money. Even getting your clothes professionally dry-cleaned can make such a huge difference to them, so don’t despair at what you already own.


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Create classic combinations

Part of the key to dressing designer is simplicity and elegance. High street clothing options can sometimes be overly busy and bold, whereas designer clothes tend to look chicer. Work this ethos into your closet at home – pick a color scheme and stick to it, and look for clean lines that will create a beautiful silhouette. Your friends and family will notice the difference to your appearance, but they won’t be able to put their finger on it!

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