Celebrity Besties

Don’t lie, we’ve all done it. Sitting around watching celebs on TV, we’ve thought to ourselves, ““We would SO be best friends in real life!” Man, if only she knew me, we would totally hang out!”

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Kate Hudson and Jennifer Aniston have always done it for me. I just got the sense that they were everyday gals and made really great friends, ya know, just like me! Down to earth with a solid sense of humor, they always played fun, sweet girls in those quirky rom-coms. I mean, come on, who doesn’t want to be friends with Andy from How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days?

This must be a common daydream of normal people like you and me, because just check out how many quizzes there are online to find your celebrity BFF! And I’m not talking about the obvious perks of having a famous bestie, a.k.a. the glitzy parties, the yachts, the instant access to their fabulous closets, the chance to meet all the Hollywood hotties, and the possible fame by association… (No, I totally haven’t thought about this long and hard or anything.) I’m talking about the actual friendships!

Which celeb would you really mesh with? And would they like you too? What makes you think you guys would have fun when you hung out?

We all have a feel for ourselves, what kind of friends we are, and what kind of friends we’d like to have, so I guess that makes us gravitate towards certain actresses. Though we only know them from films, television, magazines, and how they act in interviews or on social media, we do get a sense of their personality and whether or not it’d fit with ours. We can just tell how fun they’d be! Or at least we think we can… 

(Like, I totally couldn’t be besties with Angelina Jolie because I’ve gotta be loyal to Jen. Plus she seems kinda like a lone wolf on the girlfriend front.)

And who would your daughter be best friends with? Share your celebrity bestie crush with your girl and ask her about hers! Of course this is total daydreaming, but it can reveal what we’re all looking for in our friends. Do you and your girl like the independent, ambitious go-getters in movies? Or the clutzy but lovable, geeky (read: smart) women? Or, like me, are you a fan of the funny and genuine girl-next-door types? Who do you relate to? And who would you want to hang out with if they suddenly appeared in your real life?

 Your girl has a whole set of younger pop stars, models, and actresses to choose from. Ariana Grande, Hailey Baldwin, Taylor Swift (but who is she not best friends with, right?), Dakota Fanning, Kylie and Kendall (duh), Cara Delevingne, any of the girls from Fifth Harmony… Personally, I’m a big fan of J.Law and Chloe Moretz, but I wouldn’t say no to an invite to T. Swift’s July 4th party. Talk about #squadgoals.

Then see why she thinks they’d get along. Because somebody can look cool on the big screen, but totally not make you want to be friends with them (um, cough, Angelina, cough). Would that celeb actually be easy to get along with? Does your girl like them because of their authenticity or because they’re hilarious and real on social media? Does she like that they’re adventurous and thinks they’d plan awesome things to do together? Or does she just feel like they’d be a loyal, down to earth friend who she could laugh with all the time? 

I mean, I just took the Seventeen quiz online and got Troian Bellisario as my celebrity best friend. I actually had to do a quick google to see who she was! So the possibilities are endless and you might just get a little education on young Hollywood from your girl. (And btw, she’s one of the actresses from Pretty Little Liars and I got her because we’re both independent but also make awesome friends. Hey, I would’ve known if it was Lucy Hale!) So have a chat with your girl about which celebs you like and why you think they’d make great best friends!

Let’s just hope hers isn’t the Miley that hosted the 2015 VMAs…

And hey Kate Hudson, if you’re reading, let me get an invite to the beach house this year!

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