Elite Model Look, modeling’s most prestigious competition, asked Suzy Kellems Dominik to serve as their “Couture & Culture Correspondent”.

A social entrepreneur, she is dedicated to celebrating culture and life experiences with grace and humor.

Known for her collection of vintage haute couture gowns and notable social insights, her early recognition came as a member of the U.S. National Gymnastics Team and an NCAA All-American.

Her online magazine Of Wit & Will, showcases the lifestyle of women who aspire to live boldly, audaciously and fearlessly!

Suzy and her team explore smart, positive ways for living rich, textured, fulfilling lives. Taking cues from strong women throughout history this mother, daughter, wife, and friend continually strives “to be the star of her own life,” while inspiring and elevating the lives of others.

We ’ll take some of that and had the pleasure of chatting with Suzy exclusively for BellaNYC.com.

She shares her passion for mentorship, her definition of beauty and gives us some witty insight for living boldly.

 Vanessa Coppes

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