It may be 2013 but our hearts are already thumping for these gifts that are perfect for 2/14/14 (once every 100 years!).

Additional info and links below:

1 Archipelago Botanicals Red Amaryllis Candle $29.50

2 Rakani “ISH” Watch with Red Leather Band (avail. January) $170.00

3 Oasis Sparkle Scatter Heart Socks $5.00

4 Oasis The Heart Knit $74.00

5 Rakani “What Time?” Watch in Rose Gold $200.00

6 Oasis Heart Jumper $74.00

7 Jamberry Nail Lacquer in Cardinal, Glitter Effect Top Coat and Kiss $15.00 each

8 Rakani “What Time?” Watch with Red Leather Band (avail. January) $150.00

9 Oasis Heart Cute Jumper $65.00

10 Archipelago Botanicals AB Home Tuberose Candle $30.00

11 Jamberry Nails Heart-Themed Nail Wraps $15.00 per sheet

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