6 Life-Changing Hacks for The Perfect DIY Manicure

Almost every girl knows the struggle of trying to create the perfect manicure without going to the nail salon. Well ladies, here are a few nail tips and tricks to help make your manicure process run a little smoother (literally)!

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1.  Remove Gel Manicures with a Cotton Ball Soaked in Nail Polish Remover

Removing a gel manicure can be a frustrating and painful process if you try to do it by yourself. But it doesn’t have to be! An easy solution to removing gel polish is with a gel soak off kit from Dashing Diva. This kit includes cotton balls, nail polish remover and finger covers. All you have to do is dip the cotton ball into nail polish remover, place it on the top of your nail, and wrap it with the finger cover. While you let the acetone sit, you’re able to continue with your daily tasks or even use your phone with the unique touch screen finger covers provided in the kit. After 7-10 minutes of soaking, remove the finger covers and use a nail tool to scrape off the remaining gel. It’s as easy and painless as that!

2.  Apply a Clear Gel Sticker Before Doing Your Nails

Have you ever tried removing a nail polish that stained your nails or even your skin? It is common for dark polish colors to stain your nails, especially red nail polish. An easy way to prevent stained nails is to apply a clear gel sticker that covers your entire nail, before painting your nails. Not only does this prevent polish from staining your nail, but it makes removing your polish easier and quicker. Once you are ready to change your nail polish, all you have to do is peel the sticker off and you’re ready for a new color!

3.  Use a Nail Polish Thinner to Revive Goopy Bottles of Nail Polish

We all have that one bottle of nail polish that we never get tired of. But here’s the catch: each time we use it, we are letting air into the bottle, which little by little, thickens the polish. If this has happened to your favorite bottle of nail polish, try adding two-to-three drops of a nail thinner solution to your polish. Then, roll the bottle on its side back and forth a few times to mix the thinner into the polish. Voila! You’ll be able to use your favorite polish a few more times.

4.  Erase Mistakes with a Nail Tool, Not a Q-Tip!

One of the biggest mistakes women can make is trying to wipe off excess nail polish with a cotton ball or Q-tip. But, the fibers from these items can get stuck in your polish if your nails are still wet. An easy solution is to dip a nail brush into nail polish remover and run it along the edges of your nail, or wherever there is extra polish where there shouldn’t be.

5.  Apply a Top Coat Along the Tip of Your Nail

Applying a top coat may seem like an easy step, but it can easily make or break your manicure! If you don’t apply a top coat, your polish is more likely to chip. But if you apply a top coat that is too thick, it can create bubbles within your polish and ruin your manicure completely. The trick with your top coat is to paint a thin layer on each nail. However, what most women don’t know is that if you apply a top coat along the tip of your nail it is more likely to prolong your paint job and prevent your polish from chipping!

6.  Use Ice Water to Dry Your Nails

Before you start painting your nails, fill up a bowl with ice cubes and run cold water over the top. Place the bowl to the side until you are finished with your manicure. Once you are finished painting, let your nails air dry for a minute or so, and then dip your nails all the way into the bowl for about 3 minutes.

These six nail-hacks are an easy solution to help you create the perfect manicure, without any frustration! Next time you decide to give yourself an at-home manicure, keep these tips in mind to yield the salon-like results you desire!

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